Sinner (Priest, #2)
I’m not a good man, and I’ve never pretended to be. I don’t believe in goodness or God or any happy ending that isn’t paid for in advance.What do I believe in? Money. Sex. Macallan 18. They have words for men like me—playboy. Womanizer. Skirt chaser.My brother used to be a priest, and he only has one word for me.Sinner.

Sinner (Priest, #2) Details

TitleSinner (Priest, #2)
GenreAdult Fiction, Erotica

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Sinner (Priest, #2) Review

  • Serena
    December 7, 2016
    OH FUCK YEAH!!!! I need this RFN!!! I'm ready to #SinWithSean!!!
  • Julie
    March 21, 2017
    When is this book going to be released? I can't wait to read it but I can't find a release date or find it online to purchase.